Tomboy on Windows

Recently the Tomboy Notes has been released for windows. This is great news, as my current work build is windows and I have a shed load of notes stuck on my linux box at home.

I found this didn’t work 1st time, so these are the steps.

You should now be able to run tomboy… it appears in your system tray.

Importing Notes.
If like me you have a linux box with a load of notes you want to read, then follow these steps.

On your linux box:

  • cd into $HOME/.tomboy
  • copy all .note files

Transfer the .note files to your windows box.

On your Windows box:

  • Exit tomboy
  • cd into C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\tomboy
  • paste all your .note files

Start Tomboy & Enjoy!


Don’t forward Warning E-mails!

For a while now, I’ve warned that forwarding “beware of xYz virus” e-mails causes as much harm as the intended good; I like this McAfee post, personally I would have titled it, “Hoax or Not – Delete it!” :)

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This post from yesterdays internet storm center diary is worth a mention, the concept is very simple and very clever; the attack spoofs a recursive DNS query which has a short request and a long response, i.e. the amount of data sent in the reply from the DNS server is greater than the attacker sends to initiate the attack; the long response is sent to a spoofed victim ip address who get’s hammered!

Xmind Performance Issues?

If you’re having performance problems with my mind maps try modifying the graphics settings…

  • Choose “Edit > Preferences > Mind Map”
  • Uncheck
    • Enable Animation
    • Enable Shadow
    • Gradient Colour

and possibly modify spell check settings….

  • Choose “Edit > Preferences > Spelling”
  • uncheck “Enable spell checking”

Hope that helps!


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Introduction to CCIE Security Mind Maps on XMIND

In 2004 I certified as a CCSP, well actually back then it was called CSS1, anyway after a couple of year experience I decided that would start walking down the CCIE security path.

Cisco recommends that potential candidates have a CCSP and at least 5 years experience in IT Security, and when I made the decision back in 2006/7 to begin studying I qualified in both cases and figured this was the path for me.

The thing is, the more I studied the more I realised what I didn’t know; I changed employers and began getting some practical experience with Ciscos non-security technology as routing & switching features quite heavily. After 2 years of gathering as much information as I can on both Ciscos security and basic-networking portfolio and think 2009 is the year to stop putting this off and go for it!

I’ve messed about with many different techniques to prepare for the CCIE SEC Written, different ideas ranging from old skool A4/A3 notebooks, to google notebook, delicious keeps a record of some good bookmarks, and I guess my Cisco and security blog posts count!

Meet my latest, and hopefully last plan…

See the rest of my Mind Maps

Yep, I’m mind mapping, not only that but I’m going opensource and the maps are on XMIND. The Maps are far from finished but I’m hoping that this work will not only get me up to standard but also help others, after all you can’t have too many security experts!

If you have any suggestion of good revion resources, NOT testing kings or ways to cheat! Please comment and let me know.

UPDATE: Forgot to post that the .xmind file is also in my dropbox :)

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