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Delicious’s Bad Behavior

Recently I’ve been having this problem with my WordPress + Bad Behavior + Delicious blog posting combo, in a nut shell, delicious was showing an error:

[10/22/08 05:00:03 AM -0700] Creating blog post at ...ERROR: Failed due to General Exception: Curl returned non 200 HTTP code: 417. Response body:

And I couldn’t work out why, after some digging/googling, I thought to look in my bad behaviour logs, and found a match for my apache log… - - [19/Oct/2008:23:00:29 +0100] "POST /xmlrpc.php HTTP/1.1" 417 796 "-" "PEAR_XML_RCP2/0.0.x"

I’ve contacted both yahoo (who now own delicious)

Hello Nick,

Thank you for writing to Customer Care.

I understand that the Delicious blog posting feature is not working
properly for you. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Our engineers are aware of this issue and are investigating possible
solutions, but since this is not and “official” feature, we do not have
any specific time frame when this will be fixed.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you again for contacting Customer Care.


and Michael Hampton (Bad Behavior Developer)

Looks like they are sending an unexpected Expect: header and they are
failing to retry the request without Expect:. You should report this to
them so they can fix it.

as you can see they have confirmed that there is indeed a problem ….. But as you may have noticed delicious posted on my blog, no the problem hasn’t been fixed, but there is a work around.

In ~/wp-content/plugins/bad-behavior/bad-behavior/ you can add delicious’s IP address, it’s not a perfect solution as it’ll be overwritten everytime BB is updated, but it’ll do for now :)

UPDATE: I’ve had many requests for this…


// IP address ranges use the CIDR format.

        // Includes four examples of whitelisting by IP address and netblock.
        $bb2_whitelist_ip_ranges = array(
                "",        // Digg whitelisted as of 2.0.12
                "",       // Digg whitelisted as of 2.0.12
//              "",


// IP address ranges use the CIDR format.

        // Includes four examples of whitelisting by IP address and netblock.
       $bb2_whitelist_ip_ranges = array(
                "",        // Digg whitelisted as of 2.0.12
                "",       // Digg whitelisted as of 2.0.12
                "",          // Delicious
//              "",

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  • The new MacBooks / Pros come off as the perfect storm of recent iMacs and the MacBook Air. The edges of the laptops are rounded, smooth metal, and the plastic joining pieces which once held the case together have been jettisoned for the nearly-seamless new design. The bodies of the laptops are laid out in essentially the same manner as older MacBook Pros, though the keyboard has been updated to the MacBook / Air "chicklet" style (resting in a slight depression), the trackpad is now missing its one button (more on that in a little bit), the speaker grilles (on the Pro) are a much finer and more evenly perforated pattern, and there are stylish nips and tucks pretty much everywhere else.
  • Today, we're thrilled to introduce Gmail for mobile version 2.0 for J2ME-supported and BlackBerry phones.
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LINICKX Gallery back online

It seems like ages since I started friggin about with

The basic deal is I wanted to completely re-design my website, in doing this I also wanted to simplify the up-keep/maintenance of it too, this resulted in me moving from gallery to WP’s internal gallery, i.e. when it came to patching and upgrading, one less thing to worry about. The downside of this maneuver has been my image gallery had to be manually imported into wordpress, and then every post with an image had to be found and updated, well I think I’m finally there!

Hopefully just a few little design tweaks to the theme left, and v3 will be complete :)

CS-Mars V6.0 in VMWARE (Franken Mars)

Emulating software is a very grey area for Cisco, they make their money by selling boxes so I guess officially Cisco don’t approve of things like GNS3 and PEMU. BUT cisco make a lot of their money from techies training in Cisco products who then get their management to buy boxes their certified in, as a result cisco appear to turn a blind eye to emulating their products for personal training purposes :)

So, I’m installing a CS-Mars box in the next couple of weeks and wanted to know what’s new in version 6. How to setup version 4 is already document here in this franken cs-mars guide, the thing is to upgrade from 4 to 6 is a re-image of the box. Upon re-imaging my VMWare appliance I realised that the lilo commands linux rw init=/bin/bash didn’t appear to work anymore. As a result I have a v6 mars box I can’t use due to a licensing problem.

To get this working read through both the old instructions, and what I have written.

The init/boot sequence of a mars box looks very much like a centos/fedora boot, so I thought up a cunning new plan. I downloaded the 1st installation CD of centos 5, after booting this CD instead of hitting “enter” and running the anaconda installer I typed linux rescue, this boots my appliance into a root linux shell. (See Update Below, boot from CentOS straight after MARS installs, don’t let MARS boot!)

What happened next was a little hit and miss, if you’re lucky you can type

mkdir /mnt/opt
mount /dev/md2 /mnt/opt

you can then

cd /mnt/opt/janus/release/bin
mv pnlicense
echo "/bin/echo d84f7ceaf50f9c45683e2efb77752d4f:License verified:4:0:0:4" > pnlicense
chmod +x pnlicense

as per the old documentation.

If you’re unlucky this “mount” will fail, in this case ls /mnt/sysimage if you can’t see any files issue mount /dev/md1 /mnt/sysimage otherwise the plan is to change the root password so that we can edit the pnlicense file later.

Using vi edit /mnt/sysimage/etc/passwd, and change…




Next, setup your editor variable, and edit the suders file…

EDITOR=/mnt/sysimage/bin/vi;export EDITOR
visudo -f /mnt/sysimage/etc/suders

and add..

pnadmin ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL

Reboot by exiting the shell.

After the reboot login as pnadmin, you should now get a standard linux bash shell rather than the “hardened” cisco one. Change the root password…

sudo su
passwd root

And put /etc/password back to how it was. Now from the “pn shell” you can type expert and your root password will work and you’ll have root access to your mars box. With you new root access you can change the pnlicense file as described before and complete the setup process. :cool:

UPDATE: As commented by secopt below, to make this work you need to boot from the CentOS disk straight after the MARS image as installed, if you let the MARS OS boot (and start doing the oracle thing) then for some reason the mount commands don’t work!

UPDATE2: The mount command doesn’t work if you let MARS boot the 1st time as it changes the superblock, rokov has posted the following work around below…

  1. Assemble RAID
    mdadm –assemble /dev/md0 /dev/hda3 /dev/hdc3
  2. Change ext3 superblock magick number
    dd if=/dev/md0 skip=2 count=1 | sed ’s/\x5A\x7B/\x53\xEF/’ | dd of=/dev/md0 seek=2 count=1
  3. Mount partition
    mount /dev/md0 /mnt
  4. Do anything you want with it.
  5. Unmount partition and change magic back
    umount /mnt && d if=/dev/md0 skip=2 count=1 | sed ’s/\x53\xEF/\x5A\x7B/’ | dd of=/dev/md0 seek=2 count=1