OSPF & Cisco ASAs

One of the interesting things about ASA’s is the fact that it supports running two OSPF Processes. This was a great decision by cisco, if a business has two different OSPF domains the chances are they are owned by two separate parts of the business, so where would be a better place to put a firewall?

I’ve put together a basic lab / config to test out the functionality, obviously this doesn’t address IP conflicts which are quite likely to happen in a real world scenario, but you do get the general idea. In my cisco config directory you’ll find two router configs and an ASA config. Each router is intended to represent each ospf domain, the ASA will then re-distribute the routes into each process… Note: you’ll see some “show” commands at the end of the config files.

I actually put this together as a “just in case” type thing, but I expect this to come in very handy in the future ! :cool:

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Smolt RPM for CentOS, RHEL, etc

I after installing Fedora7 I thought I’d take a look at the stats the project had gathered, I saw some centos devices, but couldn’t find a rpm.

I’ve had a go at building one, it mostly works (this is my nagios box), it’s a rebuild of the f7 source, I have to frig about with the spec file, so I’ve published my source rpm here, search for Nick in the .spec file, you’ll see my bodge.

The smolt rpms are in my yum repo, feel free to download the packages and have a go.

Whoops! – Files back online.

I thought I’d post a quick note to say thanks Tobias for letting me know that my files download area was broken, I was playing with mod_rewrite over the weekend and forgot to check that – DOH !

Anywho, all is sorted now, sorry to those that couldn’t get to my wordpress goodies!