Sage: a feed reader for Firefox

This is worth mentioning….

Sage: a feed reader for Firefox
Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed reader extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Google reader is good, but it’s still got some usability issues, mainly that the default page/interface only gives a list of unread posts, where as sometimes you only want to see (or hide) a specific feed. Obviously the downside with sage is you need firefox, but who’s not using firefox ;)

Anti-Phishing Toolbars

Protect your savings from Phishing attacks.

Anti-Phishing toolbars are trendy at the moment, google and ebay are a couple of the big players.

I agree with tool bars for security, in fact, one of the best things about firefox is the fact that you can extend it so easily, the problem is they generally need a specific version or browser, ebay’s need internet explorer and googles only works on firefox 1.5+ – what about those on macs or people like me who still run firefox 1.0 ?

Well today I checking the uptime of a site over at netcraft when I spotted the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar, and guess what windows + Linux and older versions of firefox – sweet :cool: – sadly still no mac support.

I’ve been playing with the toolbar all day, visiting some phishing sites, and it’s pretty cool. So thumbs up, worth trying.

Thoughts on a revision blog ?

I’ve decided to take charge of my technical development, I’d like to progress my cisco knowledge. As a CCSP I’ve got two choices: CCIE Security or CCNP. Now the CCIE is the better one, but I’ve looked through the material, and although I’ve got 5yrs security experience, I’m not confident I know enough general networking (especially for the practical lab), so I’m finking I’ll do both :D

Seriously, I’ve been reading the CCNP material, and it gives some really good foundation knowledge for the CCIE; so I’m finking start them both, and drop out the CCIE revision when my “non-security” knowledge needs topping up. Now anyone reading this, whom has done either or both exams is probably thinking “He has no idea how much work is involved” – and I guess they’re partly right, since I’d not done either it’s true, but I’m not expecting to do them in a month (or even 6).

So, can you blog revision ? I’ve had a quick google and I’ve not really been able to find what I mean (or want), they are mostly blogs with cisco content, but not revision guides or material. Now the biggest problem with revision blogs would be copyrights , in order to study you need to read someone else’s material, but you can’t publish that. I don’t see this as a problem tho’ since true revision is being able to explain what you’ve learned in your own words…. any way to be safe I’ve updated my copyright, since I think my blog could be a really good revision tool :cool:

I guess only time will tell, I’ve already got a lot on so I guess the next issue will be finding the time, but having a plan is always a good start :D

Simple Desktop Wallpaper

I thought it was time to clean up my desktop, you know had the usual mess of temporary files & shotcuts ! So to complement my cleaner desktop I thought I’d make a new gnome wallpaper.

My first draft was very plain, but then I remember this bottle top lid, I think it’s just the right touch.

Simple Gnome Gnome Beer on a Simple Background

Hope you like them :D

Debug Packet command missing on PIX 7

I’ve been googling & searching through cisco release notes to find out what happened to the pix debug packet command after I upgraded from v6.3 to v7, you know it really shouldn’t have taken that long because the first answer on google groups found it :$

The message suggest using the capture command and points to the cisco documentation :

The first thing that strikes me is that the command isn’t a real time view like the old debug, but it will offer you a file that you can open in ethereal – now that’s quite cool :cool:
To get started you need to knock up an access list to capture the traffic, something like:

access-list sniffer permit ip host host

should do the job, then start the capture on the interface where the traffic passes:

capture testcap access-list sniffer interface inside

before the next step you need to make sure you have the ADSM installed, and http server enable in your config, and a http line that allows you access, if you already use the ADSM you’re already set up, die hard ssh’ers like me need to set this up.

Once you’re happy adsm is running you can now browse to the results of you cap


add a /pcap on the end if you want a version of the capture to load into ethereal.

You can use the no syntax to stop the capture

no capture testcap

Happy Debuggin’ !!!

All About Mice

I thought it was about time to announce my wifes new website –

It’s her personal site dedicated to providing “pet” mice lovers information on how best to care for their furry friend. To be honest I have absolutely nothing to do with the content, but I have had loads a fun messing with the techie stuff ! :D

The site is powered by wordpress & phpbb. The wordpress theme is a hacked derivative of twilight and the phpbb theme is a purplised version of subsilver.

I’m going to look at the lic’s on the original themes to see if I can distribute them; I can say it’s been quite fun – if a little time consuming – making the new site “look” .

Anyone else want a custom theme ;)

Feed is not a registered protocol – Firefox , gnome and Fedora Core

I’ve put up with this error message for some time now:

Feed: is not a registered protocol

I run a firefox on gnome on fedora core, installation on my laptop. No matter how much googleing I did, I could not work out which part of the puzzle was at fault.

Well, today I sussed it, if I visit feed:myfeed the feed opens in google reader :cool:

So what have I done ?
Well it turns out that gnome was at fault :( Basically firefox passed the Feed: protocol back to the os (which gnome handles), what you need to do, is tell gnome what to do with Feed:. on my laptop there are two directories of interest:

  • /home/nick/.gconf/desktop/gnome/url-handlers
  • /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/schemas/desktop/gnome/url-handlers

what I did, was go into each of these can copy the http directory as feed.
This will cause the feed protocol to be opened with your web-browser (you may need to log in & out each time you change these file or directories), In my case this is firefox, and firefox doesn’t know what to do with the links. So to change where to send the feed protocol else where I edited /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/schemas/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/feed/%gconf.xml so that the command ran was “feed %s” (rather than firefox %s) I then created a bash script called feed (and placed it in my $PATH).


Now when I click feed:myfeed it previews the feed in google :D

Stickman by Georgia Aged 3 years

Is it just me being a “Sad-Dad” or is this really cute ?

I don’t know why but when she did is (in the gimp, I might add) I was really taken, maybe it’s because I see him ninja kicking :cool:

A strange big warning when you upgrade pix 6.3 to 7

When it comes to cisco pix’s, I’m not a gui fan; the cisco command line is soo straight forward that I’ve never found the need for the PDM.

Anyway I came across a pix 6.3 with PDM installed that needed upgrading to v7, surprisingly this has to be done from the boot monitor, and after it was complete I was presented with this :

**                                                                    **
**   *** WARNING *** WARNING *** WARNING *** WARNING *** WARNING ***  **
**                                                                    **
**          ----> Current image running from RAM only! < ----          **
**                                                                    **
**  When the PIX was upgraded in Monitor mode the boot image was not  **
**  written to Flash.  Please issue "copy tftp: flash:" to load and   **
**  save a bootable image to Flash.  Failure to do so will result in  **
**  a boot loop the next time the PIX is reloaded.                    **
**                                                                    **

wow - this is different I thought, oh well had better follow the instructions, a copy tftp flash later, and all was happy.

As a side not you should notice that the PDM is now called the ADSM, and to install it the copy tftp flash:pdm has been dropped, and a normal copy tftp flash will work for the ADSM.

It's good to see that the ADSM works just as well in linux as it does in windows, the reporting graphs are pretty, but acl confif is still quicker in ssh ;)

Calcylator – Now with added ebay !

What did you do this weekend ? – Me, I made my first ebay api call :) – kinda geeky, and kinda cool at the same time.

You may notice that the home page on calcylator now boasts the ebay compatible logo, that’s because the SELL page on calcylator has changed. We now have the option for Quicker Entry when adding listings to the application; this quicker entry is a demonstration of where we’re going, type in your ebay listing/item id, and we’ll retrieve the item description and start price.

So why are we doing this ? Well as I’ve previously discussed the profit and loss idea isn’t working, the reason being that user’s feel they are working too hard… so I’m trying to improve that, now users type in 1 number instead of 3 different pieces of information. Admittedly we’re a distance away from a usable solution, but you gotta walk before you run eh ?

Testing my MS-SQL username and password

I forgot my sa password today for our Microsoft sql server :( – I knew roughly what it was, but needed to just keep trying until I hit the right answer… now it took me ages to find this wid google so I thought I’d share it….

On a sql box there is a command line client, so in DOS you can test you connection (i.e. username + password)

C:\Documents and Settings\>osql -U sa


Login failed for user ‘sa’.

C:\Documents and Settings\>osql -U sa




oh yeah, as a side note I’ve put the template in place for my security section ;)